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August 26, 2023

Kobe Van Her

Universiteit Gent Boekentoren
Mystery Lab vzw

City of Ghent

Universiteit Gent Boekentoren
Mystery L
ab vzw
Patrick Pickart


From the opening of the Minard Theater in Ghent (1846), many actors, singers, and artists graced its stage. It was also a favorite venue for magicians such as Mélidès, M. Robin, Bénévol, Cazaneuve, Ernest Patrizio, Donato, and Léon Herrmann. Night after night, they delighted the audience with their skills, scientific experiments, or spiritualistic manifestations.

Starting from 1858, just 12 years after the theater's opening, this book paints a picture of the era and the programs of these wonder-workers using posters from the rich archives called 'the flying papers' of the University library Boekentoren of the city of Ghent. 

To celebrate the publication of the book and to pay tribute to the magicians who once graced the stage of the Minard Schouwburg, a gala performance was held on the 26th of October: "Magical Minard, Evening of Wonders". 

On Sunday August 28, an exhibition, curated by Kobe Van Herwegen & Yana Vandendriessche, was organized at the Boekentoren Gent, where the posters that served as the source for the texts in the book were displayed.. In addition to the posters from the collection 'the flying papers', themes unique pieces from the University's collection related to the theme of magic were selected and made available for viewing by the curious spectators.

Language: Dutch / English

Publication: 300 numbered copies, A4 format, 100 pages in color

Texts by: Evelien Jonckheere, Nikolaas Martens, Kurt Vanhoutte, Nele Weynants, Kaat Wils, Hannah Welslau, Tim Overkempe, and Kobe Van Herwegen.

Publisher: Mystery Lab vzw (

Partners: B-Magic, SciFair (University of Antwerp), Ghent University

ISBN: 978-94-6477-270-8


Price: €25 excluding shipping, available for order via

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